Itunes, playlist ...pc folder playlists... annoying! [SOLVED!]

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Merry Christmas!... This year I received many tech-presents.
Zeppelin Air: great even if not compatible with my fastweb router (ouch!!!... ouch and awful for bowers-wilkins...)
IPod 80Gb: music to listen in Zeppelin!

The problem: I had a 'simple' viber philips mp3 player (i like it, small, light, quite good sound), with all my playlists synchronized with my pc.
I organized music as many pc-like users: folders as playlists. Folders and sub-folders I mean. don't you too?

The problem:
no way!... internet search... strange batch files... some macosx app... *nothing at least*!

Not happy I began studying iTunes COM interfaces, some c# code... and I decided to develop this simple thing in delphi for windows.
I wrote a simple app that create folders and playlists in iTunes as in your folder view... as you saved or organized your mp3s.
So you will be able to "create playlists in iTunes on a folder as on your hard drive" or "re-create your iTunes playlists as windows folders"... these are typical expressions I found in the net.

The app is completely freeware, no charges, no fees... and of course no warranty.

Here you can download the app (no installation required, just a simple execute file as all my free software).

- START: double click to the app FilFolderTunes
    . first the app check if there is a new version (it just check this file: if it is up-to date then start the main form. (note: this check doesn't send any data just get and check the version corrispondence)
- Main form: as in version 0.1 you will see something like this:

    . now follow these simple steps:
        . click on "select folder" and select your folder tree of your playlists, then click OK:

    . check 'add to playlist only mp3 files' if you want to add only mp3 files, this option should be redundant...
    . then you can click on 'preview' to watch what app will try to do on iTunes, (i suggest to).
    . if all is ok click on 'run!' then the app will create on iTunes folders and playlists as in your pc:

That's all folks!

If you want to delete all folders and playlists just delete the first one (i.e. Philips in my case).

Please feel free to contact me for bugs or suggestions, to

In the next days I am going to create the inverse: create folders based on iTunes playlists.

You can download the app from here:

or check in my free software page:
my (free) Software...

Note: any trademark or copyright are relative to their productors... bla bla....