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Here is a list of software I developed for engineering, geotechnical, environmental and so on problems. There are also utilities for engineers that use AutoCAD.


a Small Intro:

My "first time" was in 1980, I was only 12... with my ZX80... At the same time I went to my father's office and I 'played' with a graphic workstation, a Tektronix, that was in Basic too. in 1982 arrived a Wicat, WCS 100, if I remember, with an OS developed like UNIX, where I knew for the first time Fortran 77, Pascal and C. In Fortran 77 I wrote all graphics routines to plot on video our first versions of Bishop...

So... PCs... 8088... 8086 80286... 386... 486... Turbo Pascal.... DELPHI! Eureka!... When you use Delphi You can't go back!... I began developing in Delphi.. my thesis's FEM model were written all in Delphi.

Now I work in Delphi and C++ Builder... but sometimes, only if necessary, in Visual Basic, AutoLisp...and so on.

Windows 95-98 is 'interactive'. I like this word, and all my software try to go in that direction.

and now.. x>2000...

Latest Software I developed in Windows:

  • SGAITools, are many simple tools that help to interact with AutoCAD, for example:

    • you can trace lines, polylines from a series of coordinates that you have in Excel;

    • you can insert a tiff raster georeferenced with a .tfw file automatically;

    • you can rescale blocks;

    • insert interactively points, change them....

    • get coordinates from points....

    • and so on.

  • SGAISurf, is a surfer program based on Delaunay algorithm for triangulating points, you can:

    • get points from Autocad entities

    • generate a surface (you can use text for Z coordinate)

    • trace contours, in color too, directly in AutoCAD

    • make section with indicated progressives, heights and partials lengths

    • View it in 3D (with OpenGL)

    • Sum, Subtract, Multiply surfaces created.

    • very useful in topography, infrasturcures in general, roads, to create maps... and all interactively in AutoCAD environment!

    • AND LIVING IN NEW WORLD: (I implemented 3D Rock Fall Simulation!) , using glscene, (Eric Grange), a real Object Oriented OpenGL implementation in Delphi!

    • now with new rendering:
  • SGAIHydroGeologist, is the software I developed to help me in Marecchia's Conoide. You can:

    • manage thousands of stratigraphies of wells,

    • make stratigraphic sections, setting ranges

    • makes interpretations of well's stratigraphy that began automatic by the algorithm i wrote

    • subdivide in acquifers and view iso-concentrations of any elements for a filtered acquifer (in conjunction with SGAISurf).

    • regionalize transmissibility, Storage coefficient.... and every thing that can be associated to a well at a determinate acquifer

    • calculate the spessor of an acquifer.

    • and much more...


  • SGAIBishop

    • is a Preprocessing for Bishop, Janbu, Bell slope stability analysis.

    • is interactive with AutoCAD, if you want...

    • Is developing a STABL Output compatibility!

  • SGAIView and SGAIppMOD:

    • Are Post and Pre Processors developed in Windows, with Borland's C++, for difference finite analisys, in particular are implemented to pre and post processing DFM Ground Water Flow Models, as I used and use...

    • Compatible with MODFLOW and much others...

    • output directly in Your AutoCAD Application, gerefentiated, directly on your raster! witho isolines or a surface for rendering!


My 'View' of Wedge Analysis:

I developed SGAIWedge for solving wedge analysis also with support of geostatistical analisys... and hard use of opengl!

  • PaintForlPro

I wanted a fast viewer to do simple things, but fast! so I wrote this software that helps who write documents and have to browse many images, insert, crop, rotate etc. I used A.Denisov gr32 object. All written in Delphi.
It is a very low version so there should be some bugs... and of course, you can use for your own risk!
    what it can do:
- zoom also rational zoom (1:1.25 ...)
- rotate with floating point angle and setting reference line (this is useful when rotating scanned images that you should rotate for small angles).
- undo
- crop image
- paste to clipboard
- copy to clipboard
- reverse colors (useful when getting images from AutoCAD and put it in word or openoffice documents)
- resizing image
- change color and contrast.
  • SgaiPiper

Give piper 3D dimension! I implemented a new way of representation (Forlani-Piper ?) that give Piper's diagram 3rd dimension. This will solve the worst problem of Piper diagram that can't cluster different water salinity but same ratios.
This is an example used in Marecchia's work 2006 (HERA):

All data represented, as you can see there are some differences but... looking it in 3d... the Forlani-Piper representation:

you can find many differences and cluster different waters, from different aquifers...
with filters, interconnection with gis, it is really powerful and you can find a new way to study water in hydrogeology:



Here there is some free software. if you use it, please send me an e.mail, and if you want with suggestions too.


Purpose :


Version organize playlists in itunes as in your folders.
 Win32 0.1


Have You ALGOR for DOS? Would you like to convert images form BTM to BMP and using them in windows? Try this software!. With a small help file.

Win 95 and Algor for DOS




A revised version, With many helpful utilities for engineers that use AutoCAD.Like: draw a parabola (moments in a truss...), get points from entities in a drawing, put points from AutoCAD.

Win95-98, NT, and AutoCAD 14-15-16




Would you like to make a surface?... and you have only sparse points?... That's what you are looking for!

With SGAISurf you can triangulate your points, make a surface, and add, multiply, show as isolines, calculate the volume... and so on...





A simple Client and Server (all in one) program that allows you to debug your apps, or to watch what is sent to ports and so on...

is like Terminal, but permit to scan ports to find if are in use!

Win95-98 NT



EMF2BMP(12k..can u believe?)

A Fast EMF to BMP converter. Just select your file... and go! Written in BCC+Builder 5, exe with source code.

all Win

1 2001


A simple listener Client / Server through TCP/IP - Exe With Source Code for Delphi 5

Win 98-XP-2000

0.5 2002


This is a Component written in Delphi and for Delphi 3 and C++ Builder 3. May be it works with Delphi 4 and BCB 4 too. It is derived from TStringGrid and add to it the possibility of Copy, Paste and Delete in Selected Cells and to Copy and Paste from Excel!!!! All with a small text help.

Delphi 3, BCB 3 and (I think) all Delphies and BCBs



SGAI Cartho
(275 kb)
Cartographic converter Gauss Boaga Monte Mario to UTM and back. It works with multiple datas with copy and paste from excel or openoffice!
Conversione coordinate Gauss Boaga Monte Mario in UTM e vice versa. Lavora velocemente con tabelle tipo excel e openoffice con semplici copia e incolla.
Windows 98- XP 2000 2k0.5
fast viewer and browser of images and pictures, with fast zoom, fast crop, fast pan, fast rotate... Windows Xp ...0.1 7/July/06
(344 kb)
Read Esri Arcview Shape File and draw it in AutoCAD environment (AutoCAD 14, 2002, 2004, 2005). Directly into AutoCAD (no dxf files!!! as shp2dxf or similar!).
Legge file Shape di arcview e disegna direttamente in autocad (non c'è trasformazione in dxf tipo shp2dxf!)

My Wii(mote) Software 

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