I am Filippo Forlani, I live in Riccione, ROMAGNA... ITALY.

I love motorbikes... I have a red DUCATI PASO 750--> MONSTER 900ie since 2004 --> MONSTER S2R 1000 since 2007! ;)

I am a mining, geotech-environ-geohydrologist...bla-bla-bla. Engineer... and so on... to know more go to Who am I.

NOTE: I am (still?) upgrading from old site, in oldweb you'll find many informations still not upgraded, and there will be many broken links... who will help me?


News from blog

  • Amsterdam - Course in hydrogeochemistry and hydrogeochemical transport modeling Just back from this very useful (but really hard) course con geochemistry, mainly using PhreeqC.I started then to implement Monte Carlo Simulations on it.Now is working, but neither in alfa stage.Use:any value can be defined as value with mean and standard deviation, with interval, in logarithmic way.So you can write instead a value this string:["label";(min,max);mean,std_dev;log]I am going to change the characters [ and ] as are so much used in typica input Phreeqc file. (I am thinking to { and } or | | or a sequence of 2 chars like #| and |#.You can set values as:inside simple interval                     ex. ["Na";(0.5,0.6)]gaussian distribution                      ex. ["Na";0.5,0 ...
    Inviato in data 06 mag 2012, 02:51 da Filippo Forlani
  • Untitled Post One Week in Pantelleria!
    Inviato in data 19 ago 2009, 06:22 da Filippo Forlani

  • Inviato in data 12 dic 2010, 11:06 da Filippo Forlani
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from my ‎‎‎(art?)‎‎‎ creations

  • in-coscienza
    Inviato in data 14 mag 2013, 01:51 da Filippo Forlani
  • Autoritratto
    Inviato in data 14 mag 2013, 01:50 da Filippo Forlani
  • duccino e il mare
    Inviato in data 05 gen 2012, 11:20 da Filippo Forlani
  • solidalilung'attese (in progress) olio su cartoncino telato 60x40in corso... € 35'000.00 incompleto               € 31'000.22 completo
    Inviato in data 12 dic 2010, 11:06 da Filippo Forlani
  • Insipidi tremori d'autunno... (work in progress)
    Inviato in data 09 apr 2010, 02:47 da Filippo Forlani
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my ‎(free)‎ Software

  • SGAI CARTO CONVERTER versione aggiornata (gennaio 2013) Aggiornata la versione di Sgai Carto Converter. Ora più precisa:ED50->WGS84 errore inferiore al metroGauss Boaga Roma 40 -> ED50 errore metricoper contatti scrivermi ...
    Inviato in data 22 gen 2013, 04:00 da Filippo Forlani
  • SGAICartoConverter Latest updates:- miglioramento e accuratezza- fuso UTM- check updatesYou can download it from here:
    Inviato in data 09 gen 2012, 04:08 da Filippo Forlani
  • SGAICartoConverter - new version! Here is Sgai Carto Converter a new version:- added datums (Rome40, ED50 and wgs84)- better transformationOra si possono convertire le coordinate da cartografie Gauss-Boaga Monte Mario basate su ...
    Inviato in data 25 mag 2011, 10:28 da Filippo Forlani
  • Shp2Dwg - Asri Arc info Shape file .shp to autocad conversion, directly into autocad envirnment New version of shape file asri-arc info .shp conversion into autocad.Now it's working with all autocad applications (seems so, please contact me for any problem).Works with ...
    Inviato in data 13 dic 2009, 11:09 da Filippo Forlani
  • FREE SOFTWARE Here there is some free software. if you use it, please send me an e.mail, and if you want with suggestions too.FileNamePurpose ...
    Inviato in data 13 dic 2009, 11:12 da Filippo Forlani
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Note 2: sito 'famiglia pullè' is discontinued...
...sorry, for now.

2009-07-06:    Back from a Paradise

2009-06:    Starting to "play" with google sites... seems to work! :D

2009 - Back!

2007 - August - a Croatian pindaric dream...

2007 - March - an animation of an interesting phase of my work:

2007 - Genuary - wii - begin a test on wiimote, and started my "wiimote experience"... with a cup of tea!

2006 - Febraury - After 2 HD destroyed (lost also backup of the page :((, antother time back!

2005 - 26th of September - Finally back! After the storm... now it works again!

2005 - April - My Podzilla Experience: writing some games for iPod (iPodlinux)


2004 - NEW! - 15th DRINK VOLLEY!

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